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toolBox is a suite of information, equations and handy calculators for all things acoustics-related, and will be useful for consultants, engineers, researchers and students alike with an interest in sound, noise and vibration.

Useful features include:

  • A selection of audio test signals
  • Unique decibel calculator
  • Room modes calculator
  • Octave/third-octave frequency bands calculator with A/B/C/D weightings
  • Noise rating (NR) level calculator
  • Reverberation time calculators (simple and advanced modes)

In addition, a number of acoustic equations are included, each with the unique provision to calculate any one of the equation terms.  Physical units are always selectable where appropriate, for example speed may be calculated or input as m/s, km/h or mph.  Equations cover:

  • Speed of sound
  • Decibel definitions of sound power, intensity and pressure level
  • Audio delay
  • Sound propagation
  • Distance attenuation
  • Barrier attenuation

Also provided is background information to some key acoustic concepts and a directory of acoustic related organisations.

toolBox for acoustics will be updated over time with more great features.  For any feedback (positive or negative!), please contact us.

Please note: some current facilities follow the convention for the UK acoustics industry, which might differ in other countries. Internationalisation of toolBox is planned for the future.

Special thanks to Rebecca Hutt, freelance acoustic consultant, for crucial bug tracking, verification of equations and text, and for constructive criticism.

Please note that javascript must be enabled in your browser settings for toolBox to work properly as a web-App.

toolBox has been designed to be intuitive to use, so anyone who has ever used a smartphone style interface should feel immediately at home. Tap on options to navigate through the menus, the back button in the top left corner: takes you back a page, the home button in the top right corner: takes you to the main menu.

One of the most important features of toolBox is our equater equation calculators. Our equater calculator system has been designed so that any parameter in any of the equations may be calculated easily, and in a variety of common units (where relevant). Simply make sure that the desired parameter is highlighted before pressing the 'calculate' button. Where relevant, our equater calculators also include an option to "convert values when changing units", which enables easy unit conversion.

For iOS and Android devices, it is possible to add toolBox to your device as a webApp by saving the main menu screen to your desktop. Please remember though that the toolBox web-app requires an internet connection.

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